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Kesim işlemini gerçekleştiren bir kişi

One of the leading local denim clothing manufacturers of Turkey, Kozanteks was established in 2003 in Istanbul, with its offices based on Merter, Istanbul.

We produce readymade garments for our own brands, and for other brands as contract manufacturing. Kozanteks’ production capacity is over 3.000 PCs/day, through both of its manufacturing plants. These manufacturing plants are based in Istanbul and the North-Eastern city of Batman, employing more than 150 workers and administrative staff. Of these, two manufacturing plants, the Batman plant is the largest one spanning over 2000 square meters.

Kozanteks does business both for the local markets, and for international markets, including such export destinations as Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Dikim makinesi Kozanteks

In Textile industry, which is growing rapidly, companies must give a quick and direct answer to developments and changes in fashion and customer demand.

Our main goal is providing exact customer needs with our professional team and share our experience with customer for their achievement goals, we are not just a producer, our customers always potential partners for us.


Our founding principle is treating both our customers and the environment with the same reverence they treat us. Therefore, we proudly announce that Kozanteks uses materials that neither harms our customers or the environment.

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