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Fabric Sourcing

Fabric Sourcing - Kumaş Tedarik

We are able to see upcoming fabric trends in the market with our fabric specialists and test all types of washes with wide range of suitable fabric with our versatile collection.


Design - Dizayn

Our experienced and talented team capable of provide a range of stylistic choices with their passion of creativity.

Pattern & Sampling

Pattern & Sampling - Modelhane

Highly skilled and exprienced pattern makers both experienced in CAD-CAM systems to fulfil all pattern requirements.

Manufacture Planning

Planning - Planlama

Planning department of company, creates path with using critical path method, sees all stages and estimated time of production. Plans units for provide the best delivery time.


Cutting - Kesme

In our cutting mill, we have 30 meters air supported workbenches. Pattern paper with fabric parts is fixed on top of the fabric pile to ensure accurate cutting.


Sewing - Dikiş

Our sewing plant can make all kinds of orders and deliver an order without any mistake. With our quality standards and mass production, we are able to respond to customer orders rapidly.


Yıkama - Washing textile

Design and washing developers provide most qualified and suitable fabric&washing option for our customers. We are always conducting experiments to create new washing techniques to our customers.


Finishing - Tamamlama

All those process; Cleaning, ironing, nailing, final measurement and colour inspection, inspected and controlled by Quality Management.


Packaging - Paketleme

Depending on your consumer demand, products are packed way to consumer needs.


Shipment - Nakliyat

The final process of organization is shipment of product. After all quality and necessary standard check, products ready to be shipped to their destination.

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